Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, two Caribbean Islands each with its own identity.

Trinidad and Tobago lies at the southern end of the Caribbean chain, only a few miles off the South America Coast. The two Islands are 21 miles(33km.) apart; the Capital is Port of Spain, in the North-West of Trinidad.

Trinidad is the larger of the two Islands (1,864 square miles), has a range of mountains along its north coast, rising 3,085 feet (940 metres), a central plain and rolling hills in the south. Tobago (116 square miles) has a central range of hills rising to 1,860 feet (549 metres), with a flatter area in the south.

The climate is that of a tropical one tempered by trade winds. The average temperature is 29o C. The Island has a wet and a dry season, June to December is the wet season. The islands are locate at Atlantic Standard Time (EST +1, GMT -4).

The English language is the primary language spoken on the islands. The Phone access code to the Islands is 868. The Trinidad and Tobago dollar is the Currency used ($1USD=$6TT)