Churches and Places of Worship in Antigua & Barbuda
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All Saints Church Of The Nazarene Manse Mattew Road, All Saints, Antigua & Barbuda 463-8710
All Saints Pentecostal Church Manse Mount Pleasant, , Antigua & Barbuda 460-2122
Ambassadors For Christ All Saints Rd.,Box 2423, St John's, Antigua & Barbuda 560-2755
Antigua Pentecostal Assembly South St. Antigua & Barbuda 461-9288
Bahai Faith All Saints Road, 461-2366
Barbuda Pentecostal Church House 460-0101
Barbuda Seventh Day Adventist Church 460-0430
Barbuda Wesleyan Holiness Church 460-004
Beacon Light Nazarene Amy Byer Street, Villa 460-5958
Bethel Anglican Church Lower St John's St. 460-5931
Bethesda Pentecostal Mission House Bethesda Village 463-2713
Bible Believers Fellowship Ministries Cassada Gardens 460-5923
Bolans Church Of The Nazarene , Bolans 462-776
Bolans Pentecostal Assembly Bolans Village 462-719
Caribbean Conference Of Churches Cross & Nevis St. 462-026
Cathedral Parish Of St Johns The St John's St. 562-1800
Catholic Church Holy Family Cathedral Presbytery, Michael's Mount, Box 16, St John's 462-2894
Central Baptist Church Box 2678,Radio Range, St John's 462-2894
Christian Action For The Development In The Caribbean Redcliffe St. 462-0261
Christian Faith Academy , Golden Grove 560-0397
Christian Union Church Manse , Golden Grove 461-0596
Christian Union Mission , Clare Hall 461-1905
Church Of God North St.,Box 1084, St John's 462-4630
Church Of God Of Prophecy Rowan Henry St.,Gambles Terrace 462-1830
Church Of God Of Prophecy Box 137 ,Rowan Henry Street, Gambles Terrace 562-1897
Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Radio Range 461-2237
Deeper Life Church , Golden Grove 461-7676
Diocese Of The N E Caribbean & Aruba The Redcliffe St 462-2091
English Harbour Pentecostal Church Manse, English Harbour 460-1270
Faith & Power Ministries Box 891,Paynters Industrial Site 460-8741
Gilbert Ecumenical Centre , Mercers Creek 463-2519
Good Shepherd Home For Children Gordon St.,Villa Area 462-2731
Grace Baptist Church Gambles Terrace 462-4230
Grays Farm Seventh Day Adventist Church , Grays Farm 463-8015
Holiness Temple Church Tindale Road 462-2969
Holy Family Cathedral Michael's Mount 462-2410
Holy Trinity Rectory 460-0010
Jennings New Testament Church , Jennings 462-6228
Jesus Is The Answer Raynter's Industrial Estate 460-1579
Kentish Pentecostal Mission , Ottos 461-2597
Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah Witness Gambles Terrace 463-6295
Kiwanis Prayer Hotline Box 3280, St John's 562-7729
Leeward Island Baptist Mission Box 353, Crosbies 461-2902
Liberta Pentecostal Church Liberta Village 460-3272
Liberta Seventh Day Adventist Church
Living Faith Baptiste Church , Codrington
Lutheran St John's Ev Church & School Radio Range,Box W77,Woods Centre, 462-2896
Maranatha Baptiste Church Jennings Village 462-7130
Methodist Church Office & Book Shop Box 69,St Mary's St.
Moravian Church Antigua Conference Office, St John's 462-5956
Moravian Church Cana Moravian Church,Swetes Village 460-1012
Mt Zion Baptist Church , Golden Grove 462-8700
Nazarine Church House Union Road, Grays Farm 463-6404
New Testament Church , Bendals 462-5925
New Testament Church Of God Brownes Avenue 461-7357
New Winthropes Wesleyan Holiness Church New Winthropes 463-4386
Our Lady Of The Valley Anglican Church The Valley 462-7318
Pares Pentecostal Church Pares Village 463-2222
Pares Pentecostal Manse , Pares 463-4069
Pentecostal Church Armstrong Road
Pentecostal Manse Jonas Road 460-2122
Pentecostal Mission Bishopgate St. 461-1146
Pigott Pentecostal Church Pigott Village 463-8314
Pilgrim Holiness Mission House Fort Road 461-0109
Pilgrim Holiness Mission House Bolans Village 462-7200
Potters Pentecostal Mission Box 1200,Potters 461-9208
Potters Wesleyan Manse Potters Village 461-0047
Salvation Army Church Long St. 462-0115
Salvation Army Church , All Saints 460-1609
Seventh Day Adventist Church Old Road 462-8623
Shilo Gospel Hall Nevis St. 462-3299
St Andrew Anglican Church Fort Road 462-4026
St Boniface Church House Martin Village 461-1742
St George's Rectory Judges Hill 461-3154
St John Anglican Curate The All Saints Road 461-6798
St John's Cathedral City Centre 462-4686
St John's Cathedral Parish The Deanery,St John's St 462-0820
Tyrells Baptist Church Liberta Rd.
Villa Baptist Church Amy Byer St. 461-7773
Villa Church Of Christ Dickenson Bay Street 463-6525
Villa Maria Centre Church St.
Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Main Road, Seaview Farm 463-3200
Wesleyan Holiness Church , Grays Farm Mic 462-4199
Xavier Michael Potters Village 461-8996
Zion Church Of God Box 1084, St John's 461-6787