Welcome to Barbados
Nature Reserves/Gardens/Zoos
Andromeda Botanic Gardens
Full of exotic blooms, shrubs and well-placed ponds, this garden provides breathtaking scenery for the weary traveler.
Animal Flower Cave
A series of caves at sea level that have been eroded by the sea and are now populated by (and named after) sea anemones, flower-shaped animals.
Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Farley Hill National Park
Pleasant park with a spectacular view of the eastern coast of the island; great for afternoon picnics.
Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
Harrison's Cave
An electric tram takes you through an underground world of caverns, streams and weird rock formations.
Flower Forest
Former sugar plantation now a botanical paradise: the flowers and plants in this garden will take your breath away.
Frank Hutson Sugar Museum
Orchid World
Stroll through six and a half acres of beautiful orchids at this garden.
Turner Hall's Woods
This tropical forest has changed very little since the English arrived on the island, and features many different species of plants and animals.
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village
Once the home of Lord and Lady Adams, founders of the Bajan movement; now exhibits Bajan art and artifacts.
Welchman Hall Gully
Lush, tropical garden featuring an occasional Green monkey. In Barbados can be found the world's smallest snake.