Things to Do Before You Travel
Are you planning your next business travel, or vocation period? Here are a lists of items you should check before you travel. A list such as this can determine weather your travel experience is an enjoyable one.

Some of us can testify as to how hectic it can be before you travel if it is not properly thought out, so here is some help in that respect.
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Passport and Visas
Make sure these are in place and up to date.
Check with your local health facility or the internet to find out if you will need any vaccinations for the area you are visiting
Take your medications with you - inhalers etc.
You might want have a family member or neighbour collect your mail.
Pay Bills
You should probably pay your bills in advance or have someone pay the bills. The advancement of the internet even allows you to pay your bills while on vacation via the internet
Contact Information
Always leave your contact information with someone who will contact only if there is a serious need to, as you might be trying to get away from it all. Take with you contact information of someone back at home, in event you might have any mishap.
Someone to Watch Your Home
Have someone watch your home, or at a least come around periodically to make sure everything is in place. Some security agencies offer this service as well.
Travel insurance
Get travel insurance and check that the cover is appropriate
Take enough money for your trip and some back-up funds, e.g. travellers' cheques
Country travel advice
These help you avoid trouble by providing information on potential threats to your personal safety from political unrest, terrorist activities, lawlessness, violence, naturalĀ  disasters, epidemics, as well as giving information on local laws and entry requirements.
Mobile phone
Contact your mobile network provider to ensure your mobile phone is enabled for international roaming to the area to which you are travelling.