Churches of Trinidad and Tobago
CHURCHES Tel (868+)
African Methodist Episcopal Churches, 18-20 Woodford Street, Newtown 622-6552
Agape Bible Ministries, Riverside Road, Curepe 663-5075
Apostalic Covenant Ministries, Queen & Sanchez Streets, Arima 667-2603
Apostolic City Church, Noel Street & Southern Main Road 636-1307
Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Cochrane Street, St. Augustine 662-0922
Arouca Revival Tabernacle, Forde Street, Arouca 642-9081
Assemblies of Yahweh, 32 Eastern Main Road, San Juan 374-2287
Baptist Manse , Port of Spain 625-3880
Baptist Union of Trinidad & Tobago Baptist Union Head Office, Princes Town 655-2291
Bethel World Outreach Ministries - 1 Bethel Avenue, Arima 667-1133
Bethany Enrichment Centre Lot 14 Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas 665-8877
Bible Deliverance Centre Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin 633-3780
Bible Society Depot 154 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain 625-5588
Calvary Tabernacle Corner Armour & Contention Street, Princes Town 655-6857
Canaan Church Of The Nazarene  
Carenage Pentecostal Constabulary Street, Carenage 633-0641
Caribbean Conference of Churches 4 Francis Lau Street, Port of Spain 628-2026
Central Missions Foundation Revival Centre Penal Junction, Penal 647-6095
Chaguanas Evangelical Church Hakin Juman Street, Chaguanas 665-1536
Cherubim Tabernacle Flamingo Boulevard, Arima 646-2689
Christian Brethern (Gospel Hall) Assemblies 45 Erthig Road, Belmont 624-7679
Church of Christ 65 Burton Avenue, Diego Martin 633-5222
Church of Christ Arima 6 La Resource Road, Arima 646-5856
Church of God 40 Carlos Street, Port of Spain 628-7817
Church of God Seventh Day 2 Hill Lane, St. James 622-0639
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day St.s P.O. Box 543 Valsayn Park, Valsayn 663-2130
Church of The Nazarene 5 Angelina Street, St. James 622-9552
Church of The Open Bible 21-23 Crescent Drive, Gopaul Lands 658-2629
Church of The Open Bible 36-40 Ruth Avenue, San Fernando 657-0949
Claxton Bay Open Bible Church 4 Rig Road, Claxton Bay 659-3694
Cogic 26 Prince Street, Port of Spain 624-5637
Cornerstone Christian Centre , La Horquetta 643-6416
Curepe Pentecostal Church 27 Mc Donald Street, Curepe 662-4047
D'Abadie Pentecostal Church La Resource Road North, D'Abadie 642-5106
D'Abadie Seventh Day Adventist Church Serbian Avenue, D'Abadie 646-6209
Daybreak Assembly Poinsettia Drive, Morvant 674-0291
Deliverance Ministries Association 56 Prizgar Road, St. Augustine 675-8448
Deliverance Temple International, #30 Besson Street, Port of Spain 624-2796
Disciples of Christ Evangelistic Ministry,  Siparia, Erin Road, Los Bajos 649-4351
Divine Encounter Fellowship Beckles Lane, Arima, Trinidad 667-3265
Divine Encounter Fellowship Ratoo Road, Mausica 646-8268
Doxa Ministries (Love Centre) 17 Fifth Street, Barataria 675-5083
Early Church Movement Incorporated 18 Erin Road, Santa Flora 649-5463
Eckankar Trinidad & Tobago Satsang Society 48 Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook 628-2430
El Dorado Pentecostal Church 231 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado 663-1816
Endtime Harvest Ministries 190 Southern Main Road, Marabella 658-4619
Endtime Ministries Calcutta Road Number 2, Freeport 679-4317
Ethopian Orthodox Church Mission Old Golden Grove Road, Arouca 642-4230
Evangel Temple (P.A.W.I.) 113 Tenth Street, Barataria 674-0567
Exchange Presbyterian Bryce Street, Couva 636-4010
Faith Deliverance Ministries 66 Cipero Road, San Fernando 653-1587
Faith Centre Port of Spain Sackville Street, Port of Spain 625-8622
Faith Centre Port of Spain 3-5 Prince of Wales Street, San Fernando 657-0649
Faith Christian Fellowship Church Erin Road, Penal 647-3159
Faith Life Ministry 80 Cleaver Road, Arima 642-0473
Faith Revival Ministries World Outchreach Incorporated 15-18 El Dorado Road, Tunapuna 645-2845
First Baptist Church 37 St.., Joseph Street, St. Joseph 657-1015
Flaming World Ministry Caroni Savannah Road, Caroni 671-9673
Freedom House Ministries 17 Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua 640-8004
General Assembly of The Church of God 15 Carlos Street, Woodbrook 627-6305
Grace Chapel 49 Long Circular Road, St. James 622-4118
Greater Malabar Christian Centre Christian Drive, Arima 643-5683
Headstone Tabernacle Jacksonville Baksh Road, Sangre Grande 668-4379
Holiness Revival Ministries 37 French Street, Woodbrook 622-5826
Holy Saviour Church Frederick Street, Curepe 662-8049
House of Praise 3 Mc Carthy Street, St. Augustine 662-8049
Immanuel Christian Church 7 St.., Yves Street, Chaguanas 672-8184
Independent International Baptist Church 38 Cipero Street, San Fernando 652-0123
Indian Walk Open Bible Church 62 Petit Cafe Road, Moruga 655-7302
Jehovah's Witnesses Lower Rapsey Street & Laxmi Lane, St. Augustine 663-3392
Jesus Deliverance Centre 76-78 Chacon Street, San Fernando 652-5346
Jesus Elam Revival Assembly 172 Eastern Main Road, San Juan 675-1474
Jesus For The Nation International Cruise Ship Complex, Port of Spain 625-5364
Jesus Life Centre 67 Main Road, Piarco 669-3163
Jesus Loves You Ministries Limited Recreation Road, Claxton Bay 659-4512
Jesus Ministries International 32C Pro Queen Street, Arima 667-5135
Jesus Ministries Life Centre 496 Petra Crescent, Arima 643-5433
Kingdom Life Ministries 108 Naparima Mayaro Road, San Fernando 652-5354
La Brea Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle Majuba Road, La Brea 648-7125
La Brea Methodist Manse 1111 Rambin Circular, La Brea 648-7579
La Brea Methodist Manse 24 Harris Promenade, San Fernando 652-2238
La Brea Seventh Day Adventist Church Point Sable Road, La Brea 648-9769
Las Lomas Pentecostal Church Las Lomas Road Number 2, Piarco 669-0563
Laventille Seventh Day Adventist Church Upper Church Street, Laventille 625-3006
Living World Christian Centre , San Fernando 652-2253
Maranatha Ministries 9 Queen Street, Port of Spain 667-2183
Miracle Ministries Mc Bean Village, Chaguanas 665-5071
Mission Tabernacle Waterlane Street, Princes Town 655-6118
Mount Hope Worship Tabernacle 1 Eastern Main Road, Mount Lambert 675-7849
National Shine of Our Lady Picton Road Upper Laventille, Laventille 624-1451
New Testament Church of God Twelfth & Seventh Avenues, Barataria 638-6358
Omo Ifa-Orisa Egbe (Yoruba Religion) 8A Cawnpore Street, St. James 628-9154
Open Bible Standard Churches Incorporated , San Fernando 657-7186
Our Lady of Lourdes 15 Robinson Ville, Port of Spain 624-7203
Pentecostal Academy of Learning & Child Care 148 Saddle Road, San Juan 675-1729
Pentecostal Cathedral 29-31 Duke Street, Port of Spain 623-4335
Picton Worship Centre Picton Road, Port of Spain 624-7681
Point Fortin Seventh Day Adventist Church 5 Mainfield Road, Point Fortin 648-4851
Port of Spain Church of Christ 5 Avondale Gardens, St. Joseph 645-4381
Port of Spain Church of Christ 27 Aranguez Main Road, San Juan 638-4839
Prayer & Deliverance Mission 26 Reid Lane, D'Abadie 646-0808
Presbyterian Church Office Paradise Hill, San Fernando 652-4829
Reconciliation Ministries Harris Promenade, San Fernando 657-3983
Redemption Worship Centre 13 Old Southern Main Road Montrose, Chaguanas 672-4262
Revival Foundation , La Brea 648-7258
Revival Time Assembly Kings Street, San Fernando 652-4040
Rhema Fellowship 159 Eastern Main Road, San Juan 675-1679
Sanatan Dharma Maha Saba Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine 645-3240
Sangre Grande Pentecostal Church 37-39 Ramnath Terrace, Sangre Grande 668-2565
Sangre Grande Seventh Day Adventist Church Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande 668-6589
Shalam Deliverance Ministries Woodford Street, Port of Spain 667-1133
Shiloh Pentecostal Tabernacle Crown Trace, Carenage 632-6339
Silent Unity 117 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain 625-7729
Smith Irvine E Reverand Ameerali Avenue, Chaguanas 667-1133
South East Seventh Day Adventist Church 50 Piccadilly Street, Port of Spain 627-6082
Spiritan House 85 Frederick Street, Port of Spain 63-2792
St. Andrew Anglican Church 310 Mahogany Drive, St. Andrew 665-1497
St. James Pentecostal Church St.., James, Port of Spain 628-7622
St. John's Baptist Church , Port of Spain 623-8427
St. John's Open Bible Church Corner Open Bible Street & Chanadai Avenue, St. Charles 657-0568
St. Peter's Spiritual Baptist Church Corner Lambie & Pond Street, St. Charles 657-9196
St. Phillip & St. James Catholic Church Main Road, Chaguanas 672-4489
Susamachar Presbyterian 5-6 Carib Street, San Fernando 652-2894
Susamachar Presbyterian Susamachar Manse, San Fernando 652-2007
T U P C Assemblies of God Incorporated 16 Church Street, San Fernando 653-4724
Tabernacle of Prayer 87 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain 624-0243
The Anglica Church Abercromby Street, Port of Spain 623-7271
The Anglica Church 2 Hayes Street, Port of Spain 628-1319
The Assembly of God Egypt Trace, Point Fortin 665-8712
The Church of Jesus Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain 627-3055
The Methodist Church In The Caribbean 42 Seaview Gardens, Point Cumana 632-0475
The New Jerusalem Church Wallerfield, Cumuto 643-9439
The Orisha Shrine of Lord Ochosi 54 Second Street, Arima 664-0238
The Reformed Evangelical Church 33 Auzonville Road, Tunapuna 645-4926
The Vestry of St.., Mary's Parish Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua 640-4429
The Way of Holiness Church 42 Main Road, Point Fortin 648-4572
Third Exodus Assembly Depot & Abel Factory Road, Chaguanas 671-4528
Trinidad & Tobago Pentecostal Assemblies Inc. 207 Papouri Road, Diamond Village, San Fernando 652-6149
Trinidad & Tobago Urban Ministries Mehapat Street St.., Helena Village, St. Helena 669-3862
Trinidad Christian Centre Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande 668-3712
Trinidad Christian Centre Simeon Road, Petit Valley 633-3717
Trinity Cathedral Office 30A Abercromby Street, Port of Spain 624-9824
Tunapuna Seventh Day Adventist Church Jubilee Street, Tunapuna 663-4508
Unity of Trinidad & Tobago 117 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain 627-3619
Unity of Trinidad & Tobago 43-45 Pointe-A-Pierre Road, San Fernando 652-4197
Upper Room Pentecostal Church Sisters Road Junction, Princes Town 656-0492
Valencia Pentecostal Assembly Kangalee Street, Valencia 667-9202
Valley Deliverance Temple Besson Street, Port of Spain 627-6138
Victory Christian Outreach Centre Erthig Road & Pelaham Street, Belmont 625-6863
Victory Christian Outreach Centre 233 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado 662-6956
Victory Heights Camp Mission Road, Tacarigua 640-5345
Voice of Triumph Ministries 9 Lachoos Road, Penal 647-7833
Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society Bolair Trace, Carapichaima 671-5396
Wesleyan Holiness Church 2 Queen Street, St. Joseph 663-2493
West Indies Mission Ramcharan Street, Arima, Trinidad 642-4834
William Webb Memorial Baptist Estate Road, Princes Town 655-6381
Woodbrook Pentecostal Church 7-15 Gallus Street, Woodbrook 627-8155
Woodbrook Seventh Day Adventist Church 3-5 Hamilton Street, Woodbrook 628-5151
World of Faith Gospel Tabernacle Lot 2 Lumsden Street, Gasparillo 650-0257
Worldwide Church of God Sunset Boulevard, Arima 667-2557
Zion Community Visitation Centre 78 Harold Avenue, San Fernando 652-4403
Zion Independence Baptist 20 Lothians Road, Princes Town 655-3007
Zion Men's Ministry 78 Harold Avenue, San Fernando 652-9514
Zion Precious Corner Stone Ministry Range Road, Arouca 640-0491