Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago
Historic Sites


Kimme's Sculpture Museum
at artist's studio, Bethel, Mt Irvine
The Art Gallery
Allfield's Trace
"Barack Guard House"
A display of early Tobago history, including Amerindian artefacts, military relics, maps and documents from the colonial period.
Courland Monument
sculpture commemorating 17th-century settlers from Courland (Latvia)
Mystery Tombstone
Betty Stivens and her baby grave who died in 1783
Fort Bennett
Beautiful lookout point in Black Rock, complete with a little pavilion to sit under, a small garden and remains of the battery built by the British in 1778 to protect ships loading sugar in the bay against US privateers.


National Museum and Art Gallery
On the south-east corner of the Savannah; collections that range from the earliest Amerindian settlers to modern Carnival - there is also a display of fine 19th century paintings by the Trinidad artist Jean Michel Cazabon.
Fort Picton
A Martello tower (rare on this side of the Atlantic) dating from about 1800 and built by Trinidad's first, brutal, British governor, Thomas Picton.
Chaguaramas Military History and Aviation Museum
Assembly of extraordinary collection that will fascinate anyone  with a fell for military exploits on land and sea or in the air.
Fort George
On the crest of a ridge 1,100 feet above Port of Spain. Built by the British in 1804, it commanded all the approaches to the city. There are several canons, the remains of a cell block. spectacular views of Port of Spain, Chaguaramas, and Diego Martin.
Mount St. Benedict
The oldest Benedictine monastery in the Caribbean (1912), 800 feet above the plains.