Welcome to Tobago
The Northside Circuit Tours
Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve
A 12-acre estate with birds and butterflies, iguanas, mango and citrus orchards, bird-watching, nature trials, shelter for endangered species.
Arnos Vale Waterwheel
There was a sugar factory here once; the 1857 waterwheel that once powered its mill is intact, and has been made the centerpiece of a nature park which includes a restaurant, museum and gift shop. Bird- watching, nature trails
Englishman's Bay
A lovely, secluded sweep of sand with great snorkelling.
Main Ridge
Rising to about 1,900 feet, the forested Main Ridge runs along two-thirds of the island's length. It was declared a protected forest reserve in 1776, making it the oldest in the western hemisphere.
Gilpin Trace
One of the best forest trails. There's an easy 45-minute hike here to an attractive waterfall and back, or you can do a two-and-a-half hour trek down to Bloody Bay. Scarborough.