Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago
Port of Spain tours
The Emperor Valley Zoo
Extensive collection of local wildlife.
The Botanical Gardens
Laid out next to the zoo, with specimens from all over the world
National Museum and Art Gallery
Collections that range from the earliest Amerindian settlers to modern Carnival. There is also fine 19th century paintings by the Trinidad artist Jean Michel Cazabon.
Fort Picton
A Martello tower (rare on this side of the Atlantic) dating from 1800 and built by Trinidad's first, brutal, British governor, Thomas Picton.
Fort Chacon
Above Fort Picton, and named after the last Spanish governor of Trinidad. Here, in 1793, a Spanish officer called Don Cosmo Damien Churruca set up an Observatory and fixed the first accurate meridian in the "new world"
At the foot of the Laventille Hill, the city's largest mosque.