Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago
Scuba Diving

Tobago has only realized in the last few years what a desirable dive destination it is. But at the same time the dive business can provide all the necessary facilities and meet international safety standards.

Tobago diving ranges from the gentlest coral reef you could imagine to the most hair-raising drift dive any veteran could a\want. Underwater visibility regularly reaches 120 feet or more (70 to 90 feet is considered average, though during the June - December wet season the water is cloudier), and the array of coral and marine life is hard to equal, thanks to the nutrients in the Guyana Current and the discharge from the Orinoco River, both of which wash Tobago from the south.

There's excellent diving on the south and west coast between Cove Point and Castara, and on the north-east coast from Speyside to Charlotteville, including the rocky offshore islands of Little Tobago and St. Giles. The western, Caribbean coast is calmer than the eastern, Atlantic coast. Much of it has a gradual offshore slope; there are extensive fringing reefs, hard and soft corals, and rocky cliffs. The east coast has fringing and rocky reef, plunging underwater cliffs and dramatic rock formations, and strong and often conflicting currents.

Few of the Reefs around the Island...

Goat Island
This tiny island off the coast of Tobago serves as a wonderful diving site for viewing coral and beautiful ocean landscape.

Buccoo Reef
10-acre coral reef and the tropical fish that inhabit it have long been popular among tourists

London Bridge
This large rock has a hole right in the middle of it, with half the passage above the water surface and the other half submerged, making this site a thrilling dive experience. Marble Island and fishbowl; there are underwater cliffs and canyons covered with coralĀ  and sponges.

Flying Reefral either by glass-bottom boat or up-close-and-personal during a dive.

The Shallows
Mount Irvine Wall

The Sisters
A dramatic group of rocks off Bloody Bay, Plunging down 140 feet

The Brothersdive site near Speyside is a popular place for viewing manta rays.

John Rock Divers are likely to cross paths with a sea turtle at this popular dive site near Speyside.

Kamikaze Cut This reef is one of Tobago's best dive sites and has extremely diverse fish life