Law for illegal immigrants contradicts Barbados immigration laws.

Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados

According to the Nation newspaper, Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson has set the wheels in motion for the amendment of a law of Barbados which allows for illegal immigrants to become legal citizens after remaining in the country for ten years.

During 1990's a constitutional amendment allowed illegal immigrants to become legalised

The Thompson administration, is likely to implement its immigration plan by January 2010, and would publish an immigration Green Paper so the public could make comment.

This change in the loop hole in the constitution would prevent illegal immigrants from hiding out in the island for ten year at their own risk. In an effort to side step and circumvent well established Rules and Regulations.

The Green paper is also being sent to CARICOM leaders in order to harness their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

This is on heels of an amnesty period for illegal immigrants living in Barbados who have been giving six months to legalse their status with the authorities.

This amnesty amnesty policy had sparked criticism from a few areas of CARICOM, especially Guyana.

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