African Witches Come to Christ through Jesus Film -

In a central African nation with a dark history of witchcraft, the Gospel message is breaking through and touching the hearts and lives of villagers, including witches.

Screenings of the “Jesus” film in the Central African Republic has led to tens of thousands of commitments for Christ, dozens of churches planted, and witches being freed from dark forces, according to The Jesus Film Project.

Central African Republic, which neighbours the highly-troubled nations of Chad and Sudan, has struggled with what some might consider an epidemic of witchcraft. Local witches reportedly have the power to kill and cause excruciating physical pain, leading to great fear among villagers.

The government routinely imprisons accused witches, but has found that prison walls cannot contain their power.

When witches saw the “Jesus” film – which follows the life and teachings of Jesus Christ – in their own language, many reportedly were convicted by the Holy Spirit. They repented of their sins, were freed from their spiritual bondage, and committed their lives to Jesus Christ, The Jesus Film Project reported

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