Gospelfest kicks off at Mount Zion - nationnews

PATRONS of Gospelfest 2008 should expect an awesome event.

Yesterday, the launch for the 16th Annual Gospelfest was ushered in with inspirational song and dance at the Mount Zion's Missions Temple, Rock Dundo, St James.

Bernard Phillips of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), who attended the service, said his organisation had been promoting the event in Britain, the United States and the Caribbean.

Phillips said the BTA had been a big supporter of Gospelfest from its inception and would remain committed to the event, which had been bringing lots of visitors to the island, not only for sun, sand and sea, but for prayer and worship.

No fetes on Sunday

Apostle Dr Lucille Baird, in her sermon, said Gospelfest not only sought to showcase talent, but Jesus Christ. She criticised those promoters who sought to keep various fetes on Sundays, instead of supporting worship in the house of the Lord.

"Sunday belongs to Jesus. We pride ourselves in being a Christian nation, we have every other day, from Monday to Saturday, yet they choose Sunday," she stated.

Baird also cautioned the churches, saying Gospelfest was coming at a time when everybody was competing for the attention of the youth, and young people were leaving the church because they were 'disillusioned'.

Win them with music

"We must regain the young people we have lost to secular music. We have to come with the music, we have to come with every perceived instrument and offer the drums, the hornets, the trumpets, anything of sound and dedicate it to God, and bring back the young people," she stressed.

The apostle added: "The church must understand today that when God made our hands, they were for raising and praising; when God made our feet they were for dancing; and when he gave the talent of song it was to worship him. Worship belongs to the church," she added.

The congregation at yesterday's service was also treated to two solos from Cynthia Musson of Britain and Shirley Ann Mayers Cyril of St Lucia who will be among the line-up for Gospelfest 2008.

For the first time since its inception, Barbados' Gospelfest will feature a Christian comedian and a local dance group as headline acts when the curtain goes up on the annual festival, which runs until May 25. They will appear at One Awesome Day being held at Farley Hill National Park next Sunday.

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