Barbados to Experience a Massive Shake Up
Brittons Hill tragedy Barbados

Brittons Hill tragedy Barbados in August 2007.

We here in Barbados have heard of many prophecies of destruction which will come to this island from earthquakes to tidal waves to catastrophic hurricanes.

We have experience many deaths over the past couple of years, and freak accidents including an apartment building collapsing with a family in a hole in the earth. We have experienced a strong earth tremor which isn’t the norm at any level last August 2007.

One of the prophecies, however, does stand out from the others. This particular prophecy is from one who has performed many miracles before our very eyes so his words have some validity. The prophecy was made in March of 2008. It had a time span of 2 to 8 months before it was to happen. This month of November is therefore the final month. At the writing of this article it is the 18th of the month. Therefore a few days remain for the prophecy to occur.

Within the prophecy Barbados is expected to experience serious destruction, and God has allowed his prophet to reveal it.

This destruction might be in the forecast for Barbados because of the state of the island. God might be saying enough is enough, and therefore will retake Barbados. It has been found that when a catastrophic event hits a nation many people tend to turn to their respective gods. God I believe is hearing the cries of his people and is about to turn things around.

Barbados has lost its way, and the Government has allowed Guyanese immigrants to come into the island uncontrolled in order it seems, to lower wage demands, and in some cases to reduce wages, putting some Bajans out of work. With this influx of Guyanese, prostitution in Barbados is on the increase, strange crimes not common to Barbados are occurring, such as the stealing of copper wiring from electrical wiring of homes, and from the electrical company. There have been also some reported cases of kidnappings on the island. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been seeing diseases not peculiar to Barbados such as tuberculosis, and malaria.

Other social problems occurring include overcrowding of the transport system, the schools, and a great demand for beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The water system and electrical companies are also under severe stress with many outages across the island which isn’t the norm.

The daily newspapers are bursting at the seams in the classifieds with persons selling portions which would allow one to get a husband or a wife, and another to keep him or her, to one to get a job. There are offering divination to heal diseases, to read your past, present, and future. There is a rise in the amount of brothels on the island which advertise daily in the daily newspapers as exotic spas, and escort services. These “services” have spread from the so-called red light districts to high end areas of the island.

Homosexuality in Barbados is believed to be at its highest ever. There are many males sleeping with males and females with females. If one was to drive certain areas late at night one would see what appear to be both males and females offering services. Everyone knows about this in the island yet no one is doing anything about it. It is not being suggested that these people be locked away and the key thrown away, but things such as a higher level of lighting, and the installation of cameras, will certainly deter individuals from liming in these areas.

The cause of this homosexual problem need to be dried up at its roots, and it might be the fact that there are many single parent homes in Barbados where the female is the head of the household. This has resulted is males not having father figures to teach them what manhood is about, but the question then is why are our females also under this homosexual influence, could it be as a result of the obelisk in the center of our city?

Some of our leaders are also believed to be deep in homosexuality and are sleeping with girls and boys and are touting the idea of legalizing prostitution and homosexuality in order to curb the rise of HIV/AIDS in the island which is an astronomical cost to the island, but this is crazy because in the psyche of the people homosexuality and prostitution will become more acceptable and there will be an increase in visits to prostitutes, which will lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases resulting on more strain on the government’s health care budget.

What government needs to understand is that HIV/AIDS is not the only disease transmitted during sexual intercourse, but that herpes, syphilis, and hepatitis B are others as well. Also promiscuous sex also has moral and spiritual consequences. As sex is not just a physical act but is also a spiritual act during copulation persons can exchange spiritual influences on their lives and not just fluids.

Where is the church in all of this the question might be asked? The church is in a coma.

From this standpoint Barbados is in danger of God’s wrath, and God according to the prophet is about to shake Barbados to the point where what can be shaken will be shaken. This prophecy was given earlier in the year by a prophet who said Barbados will experience a serious shaking up which will lead to our defense forces being placed on the streets. He claimed this is a time to seek God more than ever. This prophecy’s time span is expected to expire by the end of November, 2008. The prophet had urged many to prayer and fast for this island, but that the prophecy must come to pass.

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