Why is it important to study tourism and hospitality?

Exploring the Heart of Tourism and Hospitality

People say travelling is an addiction. Once you get the taste of exploring new places, meeting different people, and experiencing the diversity of cultures, you start craving more. Well, personally, I've been bitten by the travelling bug pretty hard, and it's not surprising my lovely wife Stella shares the same passion. We've been to different corners of the globe together and have been exposed to a myriad of cultures, traditions, and foods unique to each region. It's this allure of exploration and understanding that drives the tourism and hospitality industry. Understanding the mechanics of this industry provides a holistic view of our global society, and therefore, studying tourism and hospitality becomes not just a career option, but a way to understand the world better.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

When you land on foreign soil and get welcomed with open arms, ever wonder about the workings behind it? The smooth transactions, the warm welcomes, the organised trips to local attractions, all involve extensive planning and coordination. It's the core of tourism and hospitality - understanding people and making sure they have memorable experiences.

Studying tourism and hospitality provides students with in-depth knowledge of the organisational skills required to run the glittering world of hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and tourism offices. It's not just about welcoming tourists with a smile; it’s about comprehending their needs, predicting trends, planning strategies, and managing resources. The tourism and hospitality industry might feel like a bubble of fun and rainbows from the outside, but there's a substantial amount of hard work, research, understanding, and planning involved behind the scenes.

The Passport to a Global Career

Landing a job that lets you explore new places or interact with people from different cultures is not something many career paths offer. However, a degree in tourism and hospitality does. With the industry's dynamic nature, there is always a need for skilled professionals with an understanding of the latest trends and practices. And guess what? These opportunities are not confined to just one place. As Stella always puts it, "A career in tourism and hospitality is a passport to the world!" She hit the bullseye with that statement. Tourism and hospitality let you work almost anywhere globally, allowing you to understand different cultural practices and meet people from various walks of life.

Whether it is working in a luxury resort in the Maldives, organising a wine tour in Tuscany, or managing a historical tour in Egypt, the possibilities are vast. I remember a few years ago when Stella and I were in Paris. We met a lovely lady who managed a local art tour. Turns out, she studied tourism in Australia and moved to France with a job offer. Now, she fluently speaks French, has an in-depth understanding of Parisian culture, and is deeply in love with her job. That’s the power of studying tourism and hospitality - it lets you carve not just a stable career, but an exciting one.

Embracing Sustainability and Diversity

Once seen just as a leisure industry, tourism and hospitality have now become the pillars of sustainable development and diversity. More than just economic growth, they contribute massively to environmental, socio-cultural development while promoting international understanding and peace.

Studying tourism and hospitality thus, brings along significant responsibility. It shapes you into leaders who can implement sustainable tourism practices, respect and promote diversity and work towards creating a world where travel doesn't harm but heals. Sustainability is not a choice anymore; it's a necessity, and tourism and hospitality professionals play a significant role in achieving it.


Now, if you’re mulling over the idea of studying tourism and hospitality, remember that it's more than just a degree. It's a journey of exploration to understand the world better. The field promises dynamic growth opportunities and the chance to make a positive impact on global development. It's a chance to turn your passion into a career. After all, as someone who loves to travel, how amazing would it be if your career took you on a world tour? And if you happen to meet me or Stella somewhere around the globe, don't hesitate to say hey!