Hush 2 - End The Silence.

Hush 2 Movie flyer.

I recently visited the Olympus theatres to watch the Hush 2 Movie which is now showing in Barbados.

The Hush movie was shot in Barbados by Barbadians for the wider world as it highlights many ills of societies the world over including drugs, incest, the love of money, and teenage pregnancy.

The film is being shown at the Olympus theatres at a reduced price, and it is encourage that those Bajans go and support our talented people who are creating great movies.

The movie is being shown to schools throughout the island as these are most vulnerable and in some cases experience the scenes within the movies.

The movie is later expected to go beyond these shores to those of Trinidad, and Jamaica, who are also known for they acting skills with the television series of Westwood Park, and Royal Palm respectively.

Hush 2 was a breath of fresh air to a movie goers like myself, who enjoyed seeing and hearing Barbadians on the big screen. The movie featured screens which totally grasped my attention, especially a fight scene which occurred at the beginning of the movie, it was totally realistic. I remember seeing persons next to me wincing during this scene.

The movie also has one of the principals of our school system in Barbados on its cast, who should be highly commended for his acting skills. (who would have thought)

On a whole, the movie showed the great actors we have in Barbados. They are three I will especially mention and these were the two guys who played as drug dealers, and the 17 year old Sophia Thomas who plays the character Mikisha. Sophia Thomas was really good, and was totally convincing.(A Grammy award is in order)

The Hush 2 movie was written and directed by Marcia Weeks, Artistic Director - Praise Academy of Dance Barbados.

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