About Us

Trivester is a company which envisages becoming one of the leading places where churches can inform those of its congregation, and the wider society of programs, upcoming church events, and of its congregational services, free of charge.

Trivester.com will therefore make it easy on persons viewing the site, to see schedules of church at the click of a mouse. We will be providing areas within the site where persons can submit comments in the form of articles, and testimonies, where others will be able to read them, for they edification.

There will also be a download area, for the download of audio, and video files, which were submitted by churches, of their congregational messages etc.

Trivester.com also offers daily Christian news from around the world, and here at home.

We do hope you enjoy the site, and always feel free to submit any ideas for its improvement, and longevity.

For the continued success of this site, we would like to ask you to make a kind donation

May God bless you.

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