Chinese officials seize Bibles from US missionaries

Katy Perry’s evangelical parents hit out at daughter’s disgusting song

CS Lewis home to receive historic landmark status

4 TV ministries won't comply with probe

ASSIST News Service (ANS) offers free subscription to Christian leaders and media professionals

Marvin Sapp Song Continues to Break Records

Is Eckhart Tolle a Christian?

Report of Anglican-Vatican talks ahead of women bishops vote

In run-up to Beijing Olympics, China increasing persecution of Christians

New Book Helps Catholics Nail Down the Facts of Their Faith

Bishops in march through London against poverty around the world

McDonalds Strikes Back at Family Boycott with Charges of "Hate"

Archbishop of Canterbury's wife: Church is a thankless employer

Lambeth: Archbishop expresses ‘grief’ over absent bishops

The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed his regret at the decision of a quarter of the Anglican Communion’s bishops to stay away from the Lambeth Conference.

Jamaican Bible Translation Sparks Far-Reaching Debate

Plans to translate the Bible into patois — Jamaica's unofficial language — have ignited a fiery debate that stretches beyond the shores of this island nation.

Over 70 Colorado Physicians Sign Statement Saying Personhood Begins at Fertilization

Anglican leaders face battle over women bishops

Black church leaders concerned over criminal DNA database

Black church leaders are to join a symposium at Parliament next week to raise their concerns over the high proportion of African and Caribbean people without a criminal record who are listed in the national criminal DNA database.

Evangelists bring God's Word to London tourists

Christianity 'could die out within a century'
By Laura Clout

Controversial Anglican Bishop says Christians must recover their nerve and testify to Christ

Christian group concerned over human-pig embryo licence

Scientists Say Cure for Parkinson's Disease Right under Their Noses

Study: Religious Congregations Have Lowest Mortality Rate

Indian Christians to produce film on Apostle Thomas

Website Lets Christians E-Mail Friends After Rapture

Rome churches shut to 'Angels and Demons' filming writing by Dan Brown

Archbishop affirms Christian-Muslim engagement

Evangelical Christian Fined for Liberty Bell Demonstration

Intelligent people 'less likely to believe in God'

People with higher IQs are less likely to believe in God, according to a new study.

Evangelical Christian Fined for Liberty Bell Demonstration

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