Thousands of Guyanese might become nationals of Barbados

Prime Minister of Barbados: David Thompson

Thousand of Guyanese nationals might be eligible to receive citizenship in Barbados under the amnesty which has been offered to illegal CARICOM nationals.

The amnesty which is expected to last for six months starting June 1st 2009 to December, 2009, has been criticize in the media in Guyana and openly by one CARICOM leader who believes the steps taken by Barbados is not right, as Vincentian nationals in Barbados living illegally might be affected. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has threatened to withdraw his country as a member of the CARICOM states.

Many illegal nationals who do not satisfy the criteria metered out by the Barbadian Prime Minister are afraid of being sent back to Guyana and other CARICOM nations at the end of the amnesty period.

One the other hand many Guyanese and other CARICOM nationals in Barbados can finally become citizens of the island they now call home once they can satisfy the criteria set out.

The Barbadian Prime Minister has made it clear he is not on a witch hunt to root out illegal immigrants on the island due to maliciousness, but is genuinely concern about the welfare of these CARICOM nationals who might be exploited in Barbados.

Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados mentioned that illegal immigrants are being exploited when it comes to employment and wages, and that they are unable to seek medical care and education for their children. This has been touted by Trivester in a previous article - Human trafficking in Barbados.

The Prime Minister has been backed by most Bajans on this matter as many have seen the huge numbers of Guyanese nationals who reside on the island and has added to the already overburden hospitals, schools and transportation system on the island.

These measures will allow government a more vivid picture as to how many people reside in Barbados both legal and illegally, so more hospitals and schools can be built and the transportation system improved.

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