Crime Stoppers Barbados is gaining support.

According to officials in Barbados, Crime Stoppers Barbados has netted a total of fourteen(14) persons after receiving some 262 tips, from the inception of the program.

Crime Stoppers Barbados is part of a larger body which is referred to as Crime Stoppers International (CSI - umbrella body).

This Umbrella body operated by a volunteer board of directors from Crime Stoppers programs worldwide operates this web site and an international toll free information line to link member programs with an office Crime Stoppers International operates in Austin, Texas.

It is funded by dues paid by member organizations, and was started in the 1970's.

The Barbados arm of the organization was started in February, 2009.

This tipster program is a good one, and one wonders why it hasn't been instituted before, because it have those involved in crime shaking in their boots, and high heels, as they are unsure of who can be trusted. There is a saying that there is no honor amongst thieves, and certainly this can be the case.

For further information on the tipster program and how safe it could be, Please visit the Barbados' web site at

There are just a few tips i would like to share with the tipster just to be on the safer side, is that you give your tips preferable from a pay-phone, or online in an internet cafe, always from your home.

Also I would recommend, and this might be a bit far fetch, but I would urge those persons when making the tip to travel without a cell phone as a cell phone signal can be intercepted through triangulation to determine its location.

I would like to commend the Royal Barbados Police Force under commissioner Darwin Dottin for implementing such a program in Barbados.

Recently entertainers and broadcasters pledge their support to the Barbados Crime Stoppers arm. These included Stetson (Red Plastic Bag) Wiltshire, Adrian Clarke, Mac Fingall, Maurice Norville, and Patrick Gollop.

The hotline of this programme is 1800-TIPS.

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