Reverend Paul Lewis to face charges on Friday in Jamaica.

The trial of the Reverend Dr, Paul Lewis of Messengers for Christ Ministries is expected to begin on Friday 11th September(Is this date significant?).

The proceedings were expected to start on the 4th August,2009, but was postponed due to the prosecution's unpreparedness.

Pastor Paul Lewis remains on a Jamaican one million dollar bail, and is expected to reappear in court on Friday.

Rev. Dr. Paul Lewis has been remanded with alleged carnal abuse, and the indecent assault of two teenage girls.

Keep praying for this man of God, and those who are all affected by this situation.


Update 02/10/09

Reverend Dr. Paul Lewis attended court in Jamaica on the 2nd October, 2009. At the last sitting of the court the testimony of one of the girls involved was heard of the incident of 14th June, 2009.

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