Christianity is under attack.

Christianity is under attack, and has been considered a threat by a select few. This select few are powerful according to world standards, and are highly influential in their decision making positions.

They objectives are to see an end of all the principles of Christianity which has formed the foundation of the western world. The principles of the western societies are believed to be responsible for the relatively stability within our societies because many laws have been influence by the Christian doctrine. Some also further agree that the prosperity of the western world is based on these principles as well.

Biblical principles being attacked for example is the belief in one God, and that man is subject to this God who is the creator of all. It is however purposed that every man is a god in himself and that he is responsible for his life after death, and therefore his eternity.

Man must accept Jesus to be saved when God returns to save those obedient to him. It is proclaimed that Jesus is merely a prophet and was not God in the flesh.

The Male is the head of the household and should be the bread winner. This , however, is being challenged as the family unit is to be destroyed, because if the family unit be destroyed then the society will collapsed. This attack on the family has lead to a rise in divorce rates, domestic violence, women being head of households while the father takes care of the children, homosexuality, and disrespect of each other within the home.

The Christian attack has been propagated by the media, which has been showing us images which are contrary to what God intends for us. The Christian attack has also been coming from the schools where anything related to the bible is being banned and students instead of being thought about God, are being thought the theory of evolution, which does not include God, as being responsible for the formation the earth.

Christendom has suffered attacks from recent law court judgments which allow men to marry men, and Christian priest can be brought before these courts if they refuse to officiate over these ceremonies on a count of discrimination. The church itself has been infiltrated by the powers that be, which allows openly gay bishops, to continue to practice as such.

The persecution of Christians which was once limited to areas where Christianity wasn’t as pronounce is now in western societies, but God has testified of these times and has urged us not to worry, but look up, because our redemption draws near.

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