• Barbados' Parliament officially reopens on June 5
    The Opening of Parliament is an event which formally marks the beginning of a session of the Parliament of Barbados
  • Joseph Atherley sworn in as Opposition Leader
    Atherley was accompanied by his wife Esther Atherley, sister Eudaline Atherley-Roberts and son Joseph Atherley III
  • PM Mia Mottley names new Cabinet - 2018, and seek to create an Opposition voice
    The new ministers will be sworn in at an official ceremony today at 4 p.m.
  • Ms. Mia Mottley, 52, becomes Barbados’ eighth Prime Minister and will now join the list as the fifth female prime ministers within the region
  • Prince Harry, real name Henry, has married divorcee Meghan Markle in a spectacular wedding which attracted millions of viewers from all over the world
  • All those who were calling for an election and demanding it wanted a date set. They have nothing to complain about now... - Prime Minister Freundel Stuart
  • Trinidad and Tobago's High Court has ruled that Sodomy laws are against human rights
  • Wearing bicycle helmets compulsory
    Amendments to the Barbados Road Traffic Amendment Regulations 2017 includes insertion of regulations 117A and 117B.
  • Under the Act, every employer must ensure that within six months of its commencement, a clear written policy statement against sexual harassment within the workplace is prepared and presented to each employee.
  • In January 30, 2013 the Barbados Government Information Service, not Stuart, announced that Barbadians would elect their next government on February 21 that year.
  • Trump considers any country voting against the USA at the UN an enemy
  • Yugge Farrell released on bail
    23-year old Yugge Farrell has been granted bail after spending 3 weeks in a mental institution to determine is capable of facing trial.
  • Last year the Government increased the NSRL tax from 2 to 10 percent which has increased the cost of new cars.
  • "The skimming of devices is a concern. Customer bank accounts have been compromised even though the account holders are still in possession of their ATM, debit or credit cards," - Acting Inspector of the Force’s Financial Crimes Unit, Mark White
  • Camillo Gonsalves is accused of improper conduct by Yugge Farrell
    Yugge Farrell sent to mental institution after called minister wife a dirty b***h
  • The General Data Protection Regulation will apply equally to all businesses that market to or do business with European Union member states, regardless of where in the world that business is located
  • Barbadians import on average 400 vehicles per month
    400 cars per month, or 5000 cars per year with a price tag of $100 million per year, while the foreign reserves collapses
  • Statement on the South Coast Sewage Crisis
    Mia Mottley calls on the Prime Minister to speak to his citizens and to let us know what his government will do to contain the sewage crisis
  • Barbados and Jamaica Are You Ready For Genetically Modified Cattle?
    Nutramix signs major cattle semen distribution deal with US firm Select Sires

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