The Church is in a Coma

The church today has been diagnosed as being in a coma. This can be shown from it having some brain activity, but no physical activity can be witnessed. The fact that there is some brain activity is the reason why the plug has not been pulled to allow it to rest in peace, as there is hope that it will recover.

Churches today have developed a routine where church is attended on Sunday, and maybe a few days within the week in order to hear a very powerful sermon by a leader of the church who has clearly done his research on the topic to which he/she speaks. So as stated before there is some brain activity in this comatose organization.

The medical field assesses patients who are comatose by the systematic application of what is called the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), which provides a grading system for persons under a coma. This scale ranges from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15. This article will prove the church as it is today is in a comatose state and has a GCS value of the minimum of three.

The GCS focuses on eye opening (visual activity), motor response, and verbal response of the comatose. The churches’ visual activity is at its lowest and it is unable to see the deplorable condition in which it lies. It is unable to see through those who are leading it from day to day, and therefore has loss its way and is now unable to map out a clear future for itself and its community. Having therefore this state of visual activity the church can only receive a GCS score of 1.

Another criterion on which the GCS score is applied is on the verbal response. Churches are guilty of confused speech, inappropriate words and incomprehensible sounds, but chiefly this comatose church is guilty of no speech at all. The church has come to a place where it has created its own niche where it finds itself comfortable, and refuses to be the salt of the earth, and a lighthouse to life’s moral compass.

The church in many instances refuses to speak out on societal issues in a public arena other than in its pulpit where it feels at home. This is in an environment where there is so much unsolicited sex, pornography, gambling, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, and a general meltdown in moral values. The only fair score which should be given to such an organization from a GCS perspective is 1.

The final GCS rating is that of motor activity or better yet physical activity. In this case, the comatose state prevents it from going beyond its four walls and it is no longer evangelizing, and no longer is the gospel being preach to the poor and needy, but to those who can approach its four walls with fat check books.

In this state it is not able to feed itself with the word of God in order to flourish from its nourishment, nor is it able to clean itself of its messy state. It is therefore dependent on others in the form of Non Governmental Organizations and Clubs etcetera to carry out the mandate which the church is suppose to carry out like feed and clothe the poor, and to keep the moral fabric of the society intact . The church is again given a score of 1 in this case.

The overall score for the church is 3, which is in keeping with a dead person. This state can be change with some careful nursing and attention to the word of God. So despite this present state the church can turn to God the father who it is suppose to serve, who is more than able to resuscitate it to a point where it is aware of itself, its environment and who its God really is.

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