Division within the Church about Tithing

The Church today is under serious division. This division, however, is emanating from within its very walls. It comes from the way the church over the years has interpreted the principle of tithing with respect to when the tithe was instituted, why is was instituted, who it was meant for, and what was done with it after being collected.

The tithing issue has leaders of some churches who have over the years been collecting tithes attacking those who have apparently seen the light and are touting the idea that the tithe is wrong, and should not be practiced in this New Testament age.

The tithe has been the foundation on which many functions of the church are framed. Many churches have used this money to pay pastors, and maintain various activities of the church on a day to day basis. The church has also been reaching out to its wider community with the funds to cater to conferences, missionary exploits, and the offering of food, clothing, and shelter to the poor. This money is indeed important for the church, but has the church been mislead to believe it should receive its funds by a principle which might not be a New Testament church teaching?

Some churches may admit that the tithe does not technically exist but is needed in order to encourage its members to give to the church. Others take the opinion that one should give ten percent of ones earnings as it was instituted before the Law of Moses. While others believe tithing is no longer in place and the Christian will not be under any curse if they don’t tithe. All churches however believe in the free-will offerings.

The question remains whether the church would survive, where its members are encouraged to give free-will offerings, and would members become lackadaisical as they would not be under any rule which states how much to give to the church? One would believe this is not the case as God loves a cheerful giver, and would bless the giver according to his faith in giving. Therefore persons would be encouraged to give as their heart would allow, and not grudgingly to please the church.

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