Why do Marriages Fail?

Splitting couple

Marriages are failing at an astounding level. The Failure in marriages are occurring at all levels of society, in all races, and in all religions.

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman for cohabitation and often procreation. It was an act instituted by God when the first man and woman were created. So why do marriages fail?

Persons marry for all types of reasons some for love, money, business deals, tradition, lust, and from the pressures of social and physical reasons. Most of these reasons lead to the recipes for disasters which some marriages suffer.

God after creating the first man and woman stated a man should forsake all else for his wife and they shall be one flesh, sometimes this is not the case and the marriage is troubled by outsiders.

Statistics are showing that the rate of divorce of both Christians and non-Christians are astonishingly high.

Men are no longer thought to respect women, because it has been orchestrated by modern society that it is not suppose to work. This has lead to households without father figures and boys being raised by women who are unable to give a male the life lessons he needs to learn from a fellow male. Our lives are bombarded in the media by pornography which degrades women, and portrays women in advertisements for their sex appeal in order to sell from cars to postage stamps.

Marriages are also failing today because men are being misguided as to their role in the household and society. The man unaware of his role causes a situation which leads to confusion from the out start in the marriage. There is a principle of nature which states that opposites attract. If both male and female wants to occupy the same roles they are no longer opposites and will repel each other.

The man according to God, and nature, is the head of the household and as such has the physical and mental built. The woman according to God, and nature, is suppose to play a submissive and supporting role, and be keeper of the home. Most animals and birds practice this principle. Humans, where this principle is being destroyed by a select few, teaches women to believe in "Woman Power", and that they should compete with the male for his rightful position.

Marriages are failing because God is often left out of the picture, even in Christian
marriages. The saying "A family who prays together stays together" often is not heeded.

God instituted the first marriage when the first man and woman were created and stated at the time a man should forsake all else for his wife, and they shall be one flesh. Sometimes this is not the case and the marriage is troubled by outsiders.

In other cases the couple don't really know each other; not that this is necessarily a bad thing, because it can be a thrill in getting to know each other. But what has been happening in relationships of late, is that both male and females employ themselves in putting on a charade in order to impress the other. Men do this by exaggerating on who they really are and so would promise the sun, moon , and the stars, which the woman will expect him to deliver on. So the relationship on his part begins on verbal lies. The female on the other hand under states who she really is with verbal lies, and tries to appear less than she really is, but this in recent times is changing and women are also trying to impress upon the male not with spoken lies, but with visual lies.

The women after the marriage becomes comfortable with her spouse and decides to remove the makeup, the wig, nails and hair extensions, and is immediately changed into someone the male did not know existed, and these scenarios lead to lies being seeded into the marriage by both male and female. This along with the fact the male can't produce the yacht, nor the house in the Caribbean next to the seashore, nor even a single star causes all hell to break loose.

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