The Christian Community is Full of Prodigal Sons.

In the story of the prodigal son, he had taken all that his father had for him and had taken it into the "wilderness", where he might use it as he wished in unscrupulous and riotous spending. But unlike the Christian community this prodigal son came to a remembrance of who he really is, and who his father is, and the prosperity of those who are part of his father's house.

The word prodigal is not found in the bible, but is a word used to describe the type of spending of the son in Luke 15 who left his father's house and turn to riotous living. It also refers to using resources freely and recklessly and wastefully.

When a person becomes a Christian, that person is adopted into the kingdom of God, and
automatically are privileged to the blessings of God. This can be liken to the prodigal son who when he had reached certain requirements received certain blessings of his father.

Having received his blessings he didn't understand how to use them, and how to improve upon them in order to gain more. This can be related to Christians in the church who have come into the kingdom have receive the "rest" of Christ and the living water which was promised, and their spiritual thirst has been quenched, but do not improve nor maintain these blessings because of ignorance.

Similarly to the prodigal son many Christians have moved away from the good living offered by the father, and has turned to the doctrine and traditions of men such as things like the ten Commandments, and tithing which are no longer in place. They have forsaken the mercies and grace of God for the weight of the law, which for the most part they do not adhere to.

Many Christians like the prodigal son have taken a journey to a far country away from their father and are involved in riotous living. This has been framed in Christians living defeated lives in terms of depression, disease, poverty, and discontent. These are things which if the Christian were to only believe and have faith could be release of all these burdens. Christians should not be stricken by disease as the bible states if one is sick among you let him go to the elders to anoint them with oil and the prayer of faith shall raise up the sick. Christians are suffering because they truly do not understand who they are, and what type of birth rite they are carrying.

Unlike Christians today, when times of famine and depression came into being he knew who
he was and more importantly who his father was, and was able to remember how good it was in
the environs of his father. He was then at this point able to pick himself from the trough of life, and return to his father's house.

Just like the father of the prodigal son our heavenly father is waiting on many Christians to understand who they are in Christ and give up they riotous living and ask for forgiveness of their sins so he might place a good robe, and a ring on the hand, and shoes on the feet of that wayward child. Our heavenly father will then be able to say, my son was dead, and is now alive again, he was lost and is found.

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