Non Christian symbols in Churches in Barbados

Published: Sunday, Oct 4, 2009 - 09:18:24 AM
by gop

Satanic symbols can be seen in many churches in Barbados, especially the older churches.

You might know that many of the older churches were probably built by freemasons, who usually sited their Lodge next to the church during the building process. There was a Masonic lodge which was situated next to a particular church in Bridgetown a few years ago. Was this church built by masons?

If one was to perform a Google search for what is considered satanic symbols, one would be astonish to find that a few of these symbols are in many churches in Barbados.

Some of the chief symbols seen in churches in Barbados include the eight step path to enlightenment, the five and six pointed stars surrounded by a circle, and what appears to be miniature Obelisk. Some have checkered floors in keeping with those in Masonic lodges who might have built them. Also the phoenix bird which is suppose to rise from the ashes, looking neither right nor left can be found in the pulpit of others.

Miniature Obelisk on a Church in Barbados

Some of these symbols are seen in the court yard of the Vatican in Rome, depicting the sex act. It is no wonder that these churches condone gay bishops and priest, it certainly is no surprise.

I am sure there are many more I do not recognize apart from what i have researched, so please leave any enlightening comments which can further expose this shame plaguing our churches, and bring the Church to the Strait and narrow path.

The Church does not need multiple ways in order to be saved, but it needs the ways of Jesus Christ alone to be saved.

Pictured here on the left is an eagle-like looking bird. But why is the podium in this church in the form of an eagle?

This might not be any ordinary eagle, but might what is know in certain circles as the PHOENIX bird, which is found in Satanism.

Can someone pray tell if this is the case?


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