Why is Twitter losing its appeal?


Why is twitter losing its sensationalism, and why are persons no longer interested in twitter?

This is because twitter doesn’t appear to have had much substance. I could never understand why a person would want to hear what another person is doing throughout the day, or any period of time for that matter, unless it is some close relation.

This phenomenon of twittering (I'm sure this verb is probably being printed in popular dictionaries as I speak, as an internet phenomenon) even caught on to the major brands and companies throughout the world, even those with popular websites of their own, who ask persons visiting their website to follow them on twitter which is another website. Am I missing something here?

Twitter I believe is still in the planning stages because I cannot honestly comprehend what it is all about.

I finally could no longer take it anymore so I decided to Google why twittering is so popular, and I came to understand that Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Fry were some of the persons who helped in making it an almost household name.

I believe this sensationalism will die shortly, if serious changes aren't made as this high won't last very long, boredom will so set in.

In my humble opinion this is great for persons who don't own a website, and might want persons to learn what is going on in their lives without allowing other sources circulating erroneous news.

But to those who own their own websites there is nothing I dislike more than visiting a website especially for a popular brand, and it refers me to twitter.

What twittering has going for it are the celebrities who use the site, and command followers by their stardom. But this too might fail, because I don't think anyone will want to be constantly in the public’s eye.

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