Spirit husbands and wives - Sex with demons

Published: Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 - 04:45:41 PM
by Jeff Gill

A very troubling concern which is almost going unnoticed in today's world is the effect of spirit husbands and spirit wives.

To those who do not believe in a spirit world outside of what you can physical sense, this will mean nothing to you, but to those who have been affected, this will ring a few bells.

Some persons affected might want to believe that what they have been experiencing is not really true, but has been a mere dream, to others very embarrassing, and yet to others a coincidence.

My experience as a Christian attending deliverance services, and especially watching Emmanuel TV I have learnt a small bit about spirit husbands and wives.

In 2011, I attended a service with a guest speaker called Prophet Agyemang Prempeh who is from Ghana, but now resides in London, England.

During the services Prophet Prempeh spoke to a number of the women in the church who claimed to be Christians, and started to describe the dreams these persons were having. These dreams seem to carry the same pattern, and involved a spirit marrying the person in a dream.

The spirits seem to always come from the some body of water and in some instances took the person in spirit, to their kingdoms which are supposed to be in the water.

The spirit after marrying the individual interacted with them sexually while they are sleeping.

If the person then marries in the physical the spirit tended to cause havoc in the life of the individual, and further to their surroundings, as the jealous spirit then tried to destroy the individual.

The pastor mentioned was able to pray and destroy these spirit marriages, by the application of the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Many persons seem to be afflicted by spirits but are not speaking out because of embarrassment, threatening of the spirit and constant sexual encounters in dreams.

I will invite anyone who might believe they are afflicted to watch Emmanuel TV here, or got to Youtube and search for Prophet T. B. Joshua, who is the pastor of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) the videos of person being delivered, and testifying of spirit husband and wives can be seen there.


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