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New Dimensions Ministries is a registered non - denominational Church with an apostolic and prophetic ministry to the nations. Its pastors are Apostle Stephen Holford and Pastor Sandra Holford who bring to this Church over twenty-three years of successful pastoral ministry. New Dimensions was founded on July 25, 1999.


In today's world where the Bible is not readily embraced as the standard for man's conduct, we see morals rapidly declining and many people living in fear and hopelessness. We have also observed people living in spiritual and material poverty and are not fulfilling their God-given purpose, because they don't know how to. We believe that Jesus Christ is the solution to man's problems and without accepting him as Saviour a person cannot truly fulfil his or her purpose in life. We are therefore called to address these challenges and to be agents of change and reconciliation so that people can reach their fullest potential in Christ.


Bringing Transformation And Purpose To Your Life



Address: Kingston Terr, St M

Telephone: 1-246-429-2527

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