Dr.’s Paul and Claire Hollis’s bio

DR. PAUL AND CLAIRE HOLLISDr. Paul Hollis was born to a wonderful Christian family. His father was an Assembly of God pastor for 40 years. There have been twenty-two full time preachers in his immediate family. He was born-again as a child. He graduated from Evangel University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He received an earned Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 1999.

Dr. Claire Hollis was adopted at birth into non-Christian family. She went to church with a girl friend, accepted Jesus as her Saviour and was baptized. She attended Southern Illinois University. She received an earned Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 1999. She was truly born-again at the age of 32 and has never been the same since.

Ministry Partnership
Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis have been counselling and ministering inner healing/deliverance since 1989. Their desire is to see the body of Christ set free from any enemy strongholds in their lives. Since its inception, the Lord has used this ministry to heal the wounded and set people free from every type of bondage. They began ministering with Benny Hinn in Orlando, Florida in 1989 and then moved into private counselling at a large Tampa Bay church. At one point, over three hundred people were on a waiting list for private counselling so they began some group sessions. They also ministered at area churches as the Lord continued to bless and grow the ministry.

In 1999, the ministry moved into a new building on Kenyon Ave. in Tampa. The facility was acquired to house the counselling/deliverance ministry which was called New Beginnings Christian Counselling Centre. Since that time, other ministries under the Warfare Plus Ministries covering have been birthed.

During counselling sessions the Hollis’s realized that there were many Christian who had been deeply hurt by their previous churches and that they were not attended anywhere. They felt the Lord was leading them to open the doors of their building for a place where these people could feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. After a year of counselling to hundreds of people, the Lord called them to established a church. New Beginnings Fellowship church was inaugurated in the same facility in January, 2001 in response to counselees from the centre who had not been attending a church. The Counselling Centre continues to operate daily and is staffed with licensed Christian counsellors who all have PhD’s in Psychology. People come from all over the world to experience private Counselling and Deliverance. . Later that same year, Dr. Donald Ibbitson joined the counselling staff as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counsellor in August 2001 and also became the Director of the Warfare Academy.

New Beginnings Fellowship began to increase in number and Pastor Paul began to preach two services on Sunday morning. With the crowded situation it became necessary to begin construction on a new building. They broke ground and construction began in 2004.

Over the years, Paul and Claire have ministered nationally and also in Fiji, St. Thomas and Israel. People from every denomination, including Baptists, Catholics, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Messianic Judaism and Evangelicals have come to be powerfully set free by this ministry. The Hollis’ desire has been not only to minister healing and deliverance but also to equip others to do the same. To meet that objective, the School of Deliverance and Warfare Academy were established to provide onsite training and equipping. The "School of Deliverance" is targeted to those who want to learn more about ministering deliverance prayer and healing to others. Warfare Academy, established in 2002, offers accredited MA & Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Christian Counselling from twelve different Colleges and Universities. Warfare Academy is a Certified Academic Institution for the National Christian Counsellors Association. Students enroll nationwide and take classes through distance learning programs that fit into their own personal schedule. A student can receive AA, BA, MA, and PhD., along with being licensed through the National Christian Counsellor Association.

In 2004 God laid on the hearts of the Hollis’s to establish an International Deliverance Team (ID Team) that would go around the world Training and establishing ministries. They devoted most of that year training the thirty-three people who responded to the call. The ministry was immediately launched with the team going forth into three different nations that year. God has touched many lives through the missionary efforts of this team. This team has been hand picked by God and is truly on the cutting edge of ministry today.
Warfare Plus Ministries is a Christ-cantered, multi-faceted ministry that is focused on providing counselling, inner/healing, deliverance and equipping the Body of Christ. This ministry has seen thousands set free from every type of bondage, including fear, rejection, anger, depression, addictions, eating disorders, perversion, pornography and more!
The ministry has two distinct missions: 1) deliverance, inner healing, and counselling and 2) education.

The Hollis’s were invited to become Directors of the Healing Rooms that are affiliated with the group in Spokane Washington. The original founder was John G. Lake from the early 1900’s. Beginning in February of 2004, the Healing Rooms of Tampa Bay began ministering out of the facility and offers healing prayer to all who come. Staffed by trained volunteers from all denominational backgrounds, this independent ministry is affiliated with the International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane, Washington.

Dr.’s Paul and Claire have authored six books, and several manuals, CD’s video, audio, and DVD’s to aid in teaching Spiritual Warfare.

The Lord recently put the desire in their hearts to expand the ministry even further by bringing in people who have been set free by the power of God so that they can give their testimony on TV. The program is entitled “Living Free”, with the first airing in May, 2007. It is their desire to get the spiritual warfare message out to as many as possible. They realize that there are hurting people everywhere and they want to share with others what God has showed them, because they know it makes a difference. People don’t have to be sad and depressed and in bondage to alcohol, drugs, lust nicotine, etc. God wants His people free and the Hollis’s know that deliverance works.

In 2007 they organized a “School of the Prophets”, that meet twice a month and is open to anyone who wants to attend. These meetings are free and people attend from many different denominations. They reside in Tampa, Florida, and have eight children, 25 grandchildren, and two great grand children.


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