Passion 4 Jesus 2008

What Is Passion 4 Jesus 2008?

Commencing with the event Awake 2007, which took place on the 13th of October at Tree Houses Park, we began to see God imposing His desire for a generation to be awakened to intimacy with Him. One thousand teens and young adults were called to a sacred assembly to encounter God, and there a huge shift was spearheaded that opened the eyes of our generation to the desire of Jesus for this hour. That there would arise a generation having first things first, ones who would be extreme in their devotion to God and serve Him with their whole heart.

In 2008, Passion 4 Jesus has been handed the torch to continue such an endeavour, ensuring that our generation remains a people of One Thing, according to Psalm 27:4. Our theme for the event is, “Only the Hungry Dine and the Thirsty Drink Deep,” as we are believing that God would create in us a deep hunger and thirst for Him and only Him. God also brought prophetic revelation that He would pour out the baptism of fire on our generation starting this year, and so we are believing that Passion 4 Jesus will be a catalyst for that. As for this moment, several keynote speakers (both international and local) will be sharing, but we are strictly advertising this event as an invitation to come and encounter our Lord, Jesus Christ. Passion 4 Jesus is being hosted by New Dimensions Ministries.

How Can I get involved?

Well thanks for asking! There are several ways in which you can get involved and be apart of Passion 4 Jesus 2008:

INTERCESSION:- Please pray for the release of the baptism of fire upon our generation and for the actual event in July, as Holy Spirit would lead you.

ACTION:- Join us at the Pre-Event Activities and let us know if you would like to share and impart to the youth at some of these events. If you have received a promo kit, you will find a CD and a DVD on the inside. On the CD, there are media fliers and posters which you can print for the purpose of getting the word out to your youth and others that you are affiliated with. You can also send out some of the fliers in a mass email. Show the promo video as well to some of your youth and duplicate it if you can. The promo video is also on youtube, and you can let others know to check it out (type in Passion4Jesus 'Barbados'). If you haven't received a promo kit, please let us know and we will get one to you.

I do hope this information will assist you and in so doing, you can assist us in accomplishing this awesome vision. We definitely cannot do it alone. If you would like to contact me for any reason at all, please call me at New Dimensions Ministries, 429-2527, or email me at either of these two addresses; [email protected] / [email protected]

Loving Him,

Dwayne Howard - Youth Minister of New Dimensions Ministries

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