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City Worship 168 - 2008 - Giving God Glory - Barbados

City Worship 168 Barbados

This expression of love must receive the total participation of every believer whose desire it is to participate in GIVING GOD GLORY.

Every denomination, every church, every believer is invited to be a part of this 168 hours of continuous worship – giving God glory in the arts of song, dance, drama, mime, and crafts. GIVING GOD GLORY must be a spontaneous expression of the homage of love of a people cognizant of the benevolence of a loving Father.

How can you participate???? Excellent question!!!! Contact Pastors Lemuel and/or Pauline Rawlins of FAITH TEMPLE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL @ 246-437-9727, 246-427-5623, or 246-436-0231. You can log onto their email: [email protected] and indicate when you can participate and what you can do so the log of the 168 hours can be compiled. Kindly note that there are eighty-four two hour sessions and each session can be taken by a church or group or a combination thereof

The late night and early morning hours especially need to be subscribed so that as in the temple of old where the lamp was never extinguished, CITY WORSHIP ‘168’ – GIVING GOD GLORY will glow for 168 hours continuously.

FAITH TEMPLE MINISTRIES is located on Roebuck Street in the heart of the city and will be the location of this expression of worship.

Overseas worshippers are cordially invited to come join us in Barbados to be a part of this and any assistance in booking hotel accommodation or arranging travel will be given upon request.

Men of God from around the world are being invited to travel to Barbados to be a part of this inaugural expression which will include worship seminars, training, and other programmes to equip the participants and to take worship to another dimension. Let those who live in Barbados not miss this innovative act of worship.
Barbados 168
City worship 168 (2009)
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