Christians are being asked to boycott retailers who are banning Christmas

There is a plot to remove Christmas from the calendar because of what it presently represents that is, for the most part, the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the US Christian groups according to are up in arms against retailers who are refusing to acknowledge Christmas within their advertisements.

A conservative Christian legal group, announced its sixth annual concept of "friend or foe Christmas campaign", claiming to be a friend to retailers who cater to the Christmas holiday, and a foe to those who don't.

The group has created a "naughty or nice" list in keeping with the Santa Claus concept. Those who are seen as acknowledging Christmas are being seen as nice and Christians are being asked to shop with these retailers. Those on the group's naughty section of the list are not to be shopped with.

The American family association also has a similar list which urges it followers of about 2.5 million with whom they should spend their money. The list was made based on the ads of the top retailers.

Companies that made the "nice" section on both lists included Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond.

The "naughty" list took hold of The Office Depot, CVS Pharmacy and Gap on both lists.

It is believe that companies are bowing to the pressure from those who do not belief in Christianity and therefore believe they should not be exposed to the beliefs of Christianity.

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