Halloween is on the Increase in Barbados

Barbados Halloween

The Devil is embracing his fork more and more.

Halloween is on the ever increase in Barbados since its inception here about ten years ago.

The day is currently being celebrated in Barbados by those of the middle and upper classes on the island, who attend parties and fetes dress in costumes. The end of summer is calculated at the 31st October, representing the beginning of winter, or the darker period of the year.

Halloween is part of a three day festival period. In its simplest form, is a time to acknowledge demons, and the dead, and is a time used by witches and warlocks to perform magical feats.

The pagan festival of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient religion of the Celtics
in Ireland. They believed Samhain was a time when the division between the two worlds became very thin, when hostile supernatural forces were active and ghosts and spirits were free to wander as they wished.

This pagan festival has mixed with Catholic-Christianity in some Countries and the three days of Samhein were converted to Hallowe’en (31st October), All Hallows [All Saints Day] (1st November), and All Souls Day (2nd November).

Barbados this year has witness thousands attending various party venues in celebration of the end of summer, dressed in some cases as demonic creatures.

As this festival becomes more popular in Barbados, Barbadians can expect to see the day when persons begin to trick and treat, and the visiting of graves to light candles in remembrance, and to pray for the dead.

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