TB Joshua prophesied the SCOAN church bombing and collapse.

On July 8, 2015 the coroner, Oyetade Komolafe, after listening to several testimonies during the inquest that lasted several months, indicted the church and the building's engineers, and recommended they be prosecuted for criminal negligence.

Published: Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 - 03:35:26 PM
by Jeff
TB Joshua prophesied the SCOAN church bombing and collapse

In order to proof that the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos Nigeria wasn't due to faulty building practises but was due to some nefarious episode, Prophet TB Joshua, the overseer of the church prophesied of its bombing about two months before it occurred.

The prophet cut short his evangelistic mission overseas to return to Nigeria because of what was about to occur at home.

"I came back from Columbia. I wanted to travel from there to another country, but I came back home because there is a cloud that covers Nigeria. I want to witness how this cloud will dispel.

"Cloud means trouble. Look at what is happening here. You will not see it on a national TV but if you learn that they bombed here, one of you will call CNN that they have bombed The SCOAN.

"All that is happening, you will never see it on the pages of national newspapers or international. You will never see it - every good thing. But if anything bad happens in front of the church, one of you Nigerians, will be the one to make a call. You are destroying your country, selling your country at nothing. It is a very painful thing. You are the ones destroying your country, you, Nigerians.

"The image you are giving to your country is bad. You destroy your image. You say your nation is bad, everything is bad - the good is bad. I am telling you something far but now, I am telling you something as close as my mouth.

One thing is clear, I have never seen where a lie overcomes truth. Take note of that. I have never seen where a lie overcomes truth. Truth will always prevail. I pray, Father, let Your will be done, in Jesus' name", the prophet said.

The prophet was speaking after his return from Columbia where he held a crusade which started on July 11, 2014. He spoke of the way in which Nigerian speak negatively of their country and if the SCOAN was bombed which was very near someone in Nigeria would call CNN for the world to know. In contrast, however, a lot of good is done at the SCOAN but no one calls the press for the good that is being done.

Two months later on September 12, 2014 a guest-house building of the church collapsed killing over 100 people and leaving scores injured. Many were South Africans who were visiting the church in Nigeria. True to form and as the prophet said the episode was all over the Cable News Network (CNN). The church claimed there was a man made cause behind the collapse whereas in other quarters it was said the collapsed was due to poor construction methods. Authorities also claim that the church never received permission to construction the building.


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