Should Christians in Trinidad and Tobago eat halal prepared meat products?

The halal method of preparing food might not be in keeping with Christian values. Should meat products, and fast food outlets preparing such food clearly label such products?

Published: Saturday, Mar 5, 2011 - 01:38:46 PM
by gop

Food created by the halal method of preparation seems to be everywhere. According to the Trinidad Newsday newspaper, KFC has given reassurance to its Muslim customers that their chicken fillets, which are now imported from Virginia, USA, are halal.

The fillets are 100 percent certified by the International Institute for Islamic Thought according to Charles Pashley, CEO of Prestige Holdings which owns the popular fast food franchise in Trinidad and Tobago.

Will a pledge to the Muslim community compromise on the beliefs of Christians?.

Slaughtering of non domesticated animals the halal way, results in the Bismillah being said on the medium or instrument which is used to kill the animal and not upon the animal, since it may be difficult to gain control over the animal.

On the other hand in the case of domesticated controlled animals, Bismillah must be said upon the animal, or bird at the time of slaughter.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English the Bismillah is an invocation used by Muslims at the beginning of an undertaking. It might be similar to the following "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful."

According to in a submission to the site "All halal meat items must be slaughtered by a Muslim and slaughtered according to Islamic Law. A Muslim slaughter man must be present at all times during the slaughter and recite the "Shahada", and "Surah Al Fatiha".

Should Christians therefore eat meat blessed by a Muslim? This is certainly food for thought.


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