Trivester: U Report

We at Trivester would like to introduce the "U Report" feature of our website.

This innovative feature allows ordinary persons to report the news as you see it, and what
you believe others want to see.

There is nothing special about what you may report on, but what we expected is that you
refrain from maliciousness in what you report. We will accept news which is fact, or
further can be proven as fact.

We expect persons to be responsible in their reporting as your news story will be scrutinize before it is published to our readers. It should be noted that articles submitted might be edited by the TRIVESTER team so as to suite certain specifications of the internet search engines. Articles which have been edited by Trivester will carry a statement that it was edited by TRIVESTER. Please note that this will be done without
acknowledging the writer of the article.

The writer of the article will be credited for the article, and therefore that person's name and location in terms of country of origin will be posted at the top of the article.

Trivester will not, nor does not support plagiarism, and will not tolerate the submission
of material posted or published elsewhere.

Please note that Trivester will not be paying for articles submitted by the reporter, and is just creating a space where persons can in one location have they voice heard, all over
the internet on a popular website.

News stories from all ends of the world will be accepted.

Specifications for U Report:

-Standard English.
-Title of article
-Opening verse in keeping with your title
-Short summary of your article
-Submission of an image or photo to help attract your readers will be interesting.

Please note that ALL articles and related materials including photos submitted to TRIVESTER automatically becomes the property of Trivester, and Trivester reserves the right to edit these articles and materials including photos in order to protect its mandate. If an article or related information is submitted it means you agree with all that is stated here and implied by Trivester.

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