Christmas carols are being altered to be politically correct.
  New law would make Spain the country with highest number of abortions in EU
  Pope Against Population Control: "Population Is Proving To Be An Asset, Not A Factor That Contributes To Poverty"
  Survey: 9 in 10 Americans Believe in Miracles
  Montana District Court Legalizes Assisted Suicide
  Breakaway U.S. Episcopalians to form new Anglican branch
  Advent Conspiracy – Telling the Christmas Story Better
  Pro-God Christmas Ads Take On Atheist Bus Campaign
  Breakaway Anglicans aim for less division with new province
  Homosexuality editorial puts 1st Amendment on trial
  Texas appellate court defines unborn child as "person"
  Czech Cabinet Approves Bill Enabling "Abortion Tourism"
  Videos Show Muslims Storming Church in Egypt
  Forced marriages are now illegal in Britain
  Pro-Life Ads which Have Been Shown to Decrease Abortion Numbers for MTV
  Pope ponders prospects for inter-faith dialogue
  Every language by 2025 is Bible translators' goal
  Brazilian Psychologists Prohibited from Helping Catholic Church Screen Out Homosexual Priesthood Candidates.
  Churches urge prayer against abortion for coming Obama rule
  Canadian students face possible suspension or arrest for pro-life display
  Salvation Army Launches Appeal for Christmas Gifts
  Barbados to experience a massive shake up
  Christian are being asked to boycott retailers who are banning Christmas
  The 21st century is the "age of paranoia", say experts

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