Pointers for the New Christian Convert

  1. The Christian convert will come to understand that becoming a Christian is the most important decision they will make in their life. A decision which determines where they will spend eternal life, and if they will experience the real joy this life has to offer.
  2. Baptism by immersion is very important, but it is just the second step in the Christian walk.
  3. The Christian Communion should be received in remembrance of Christ. It is vital because Christ stated to have any part in him one must participate in the communion.
  4. They will need to sacrifice the flesh on a daily basis, in order to empower the spirit within them.
  5. They will need to live in the spirit.
  6. They consciousness to sin will be heightened.
  7. Satan and his demons will step up attacks against you because they will want you to lose your salvation.
  8. You may fall once, twice, even three times, but the important thing is to ask God’s forgiveness and regain your place in the saddle.
  9. Fasting and prayer are very important to every Christian, so you may operate in the spirit.
  10. Taking time to read the bible for yourself, as this will build your understanding as to what you are involved in, and hence build your faith.
  11. Although many books have been written adjunct to the bible it is important that you understand the words coming directly from God, and any other supplements of books which have been formed by the thought processes of man should be read later if at all which might lead to some clarification of what has been stated in the bible.
  12. Attending church on a regular basis in order to praise God with fellow believers is also paramount as God mentioned if two or three be gathered in his name there he will be also. This is where the new Christian convert will start to experience the presence of God within their spirit.
  13. Participation and the finding your purpose within the church will certainly help in securing your commitment to the faith.
  14. Having a big brother or big sister may also be a good idea. One who is able to help in offering you guidance and answering the many questions you will be burning to ask.
  15. Many churches offer the new converts, classes where he/she is thought the basic principles of the Christian faith. If this is not the case then you may want to join the general bible class of your church. The food for thought might be beyond your bite size, but with careful notes and follow up reading of the bible. Then one can come to some understanding as to what is being said, along with that big brother, or big sister assistance I mentioned earlier. The new convert should understand that he/she is a babe in the faith and will therefore need some guidance.

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