Google and Christianity

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and from my experience it seems to have the largest content out there. It is one of the companies that I truly trust, because from my vantage point all those who knock at the door of the search engine, in order to have high rankings within searches, must all put in the work.

Having said that, personally I have found that it is about 90% accurate with search results, because at times i would search only to find that the results at the top of the list have two or three words of what i have searched for, whereas those containing exactly what i need, are a bit further down the list. Google however, has many great things going for it, because it respects its clients who use it from day to day. It does not bombard you with ads on its homepage though advertisers would be eager to get a couple of pixels anywhere on that page. It truly remains a search engine with extensions for news and mail for example on the side.

Speaking of extensions, Google offers many great gadgets such as bibles, clocks, weather and trivia gadgets, which are automatically updated. It also gives its clients the opportunity to decide if they would like to see the news for example, without being obtrusive and that is why Google is so great. Google also offer webmasters managing a website the ability to manipulate the site whether one is a novice or a learned person, with such instruments as Google analytics, Adsense, and webmaster tools for example.

But why am I promoting Google, certainly the owners do not need anymore shoes. I am because many Churches have their own websites, and some of these gadgets and devices provided by Google can help to improve they understanding of the persons who view their sites and cater accordingly with such information as to how your visitors are getting to your site, and where they are arriving from, and how long they are staying on the site.

In today’s world where the average person can easily create a webpage, and websites have increased significantly. This has resulted in a fight so to speak to reach top rankings within searches. The reason for this is that the higher the site is within search results the more visitors you receive, and the more people learn of your presence on the internet. It profits nothing having a website if no one knows of it.

Before I finish this article I would like to state that I use Google Adsense, and Google analytics. I would also like to suggest that Google allows us to be able to plug certain keywords that might be used within the webpage into a Meta tag, or at the Google site to prevent certain words on the webpage from triggering inappropriate ads. For example, if I write an article on the word sex I would not want Google to display ads with poor content.


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