Women of Excellence
Women of Excellence Ministries
New Testament Church of God ~ Central Zone
In association with major Sponsor STARCOM NETWORK
Daughters of Destiny, Kings Daughters and many other ministries
- Wednesday 01 - Thursday 02 October 2008 -
7:00 pm nightly ~ Independence Square
Special Guest Speaker – World renowned Rev Donnie McClurkin
Supporting Ministries:
New Testament Church of God - Barbados
People’s Cathedral
Mount of Praise Wesleyan
Church of the Nazarene B’dos District
Sanctuary Empowerment Centre
Pastors’ Prayer Fellowship Network of Churches
Christ Is The Answer Family Church
Farm Road Pentecostal House of Prayer and many other ministries
A massive exodus from a lifestyle of sin and a life of bondage into liberty and wholeness.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES ~ Isaiah 61:1-3
• To bring hope to individuals who are lost and feel hopeless.
• To help individuals understand that there is a way out of every prison/dungeon they are in.
• To help individuals receive deliverance from every stronghold in their lives.
• To uncompromisingly declare that, 'JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT'.
John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

For every backslider to embrace the truth of God's Word, knowing that ‘although they may have fallen from grace they have not forfeited their place’, because of the Ministry of Reconciliation, God lovingly waits to restore them.

To advance the kingdom through the salvation of souls
Reverend Donnie McClurkin 2009
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