Elohim Family Centre and Partners present: Plain, Plain talk on sex.

"Plain, Plain talk on sex"

Plain, Plain Talk

Elohim Family Centre & Partners present:

"Plain, Plain talk on Sex"

A Family Life Seminar

Seminar Speaker: Pastor Dale Brathwaite (Senior Pastor Elohim Family Centre)

Venue: Independence Square

Dates: April 25th - 27th

Presenter: Alexis Nurse (Social Worker, MA Social Policy and Administration)

U.W.I.: HIV/AIDS Response Programme. Project Officer: The Basics of HIV/AIDS

Venue: MERC Complex(Fairchild Street)

Date: April 28th

Time: 7:00 p.m. nightly

Free Parking will be available in the BTI car park on Lower Bay Street, next to DaCosta's Mannings


City of Bridgetown Credit Union

New Testament Church Of God

Ministry of Youth, Family Sports, and the Environment

In an attempt to disseminate evidence based information to Barbadians towards improving the HIV/AIDS situation, the Elohim Family Centre has decided to take the findings of a research paper to the city in an outdoor seminar. The Seminar is entitled Plain Plain Talk on Sex. This document to be used is an anatomical overview of several key issues in Sexual behaviour and Behaviour Change implications of sexual activity relevant to HIV/AIDS in Barbados our nation.

The objective is to give a holistic Bible based perspective on the above issues and thereby help prevent and not to reinvent the HIV/AIDS information wheel. My intent is to increase the level of the anatomical knowledge by 50% about STIs over a seven day period and at the same time increasing personal responsibility  for the management of STIs in the nation.

The target group is 15-49 age group; "since 1995 AIDS and related conditions have become the leading cause of death among the 15-49 years age group. Programme planners and political leaders in the region and internationally agree that if the progress of the epidemic is not halted, the economic and development gains achieved in the 1980s and 1990s will be lost.  Already, the epidemic is taking its toll through increased mortality of the most productive age groups. even with the shifting of health resources to support the prevention of HIV infection in newborns, the infant mortality rates are increasing.  and more and more children are orphaned by the disease." (Pauline Russell-Brown, Dr.P.H; Behaviour change Interventions for Sexual Health Promotion: A Manual, pg 1) Please note that I have already booked  the MERC Complex (New Testament Head Quarters, River Road) for a prayer meeting for the event April 24th, 7:00 pm.  The meetings shall close with a national prayer meeting on April 30th in Independence Square.

Yours truly,

Pastor Dale

The Economic Cost of HIV/AIDS - The Barbados Situation

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