Magistrate Baboolal-Gafoor adjourned the matter to January 17, 2013, where charges could possibly be laid.
"Everything at the VAT office has now to be done manually, which is a nightmare if you can imagine the amount of transactions both in and out of the Value Added Tax Department," Sinckler explained.
Women's groups have been standing up to Chris Brown after his beating of super star Rihanna in 2009 on the eve of the Grammys
Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it
President Obama will move forward with four more years. Democrats will have majority control of the Senate, whereas Republicans will have majority control of the House of Representatives.
Three British female guests who were partying in the players' rooms were removed by officers and briefly arrested, a police statement said after the early-morning antics.
Spain's Magazine de Fuera de Serie has protrayed Michelle Obama as a nude slave woman bearing her right breast, while sitting and resting against an American flag.
One comment made on a blog in Barbados states, "Israelis putting up cameras for the Royal Barbados Police force. There is now a camera outside of Bubbas, Accra beach opposite cheffete, and Worthing Laundermat"
Having forgiven Chris Brown, Rihanna said the two will probably always love each other, but they are not romantically involved
His Holiness was 76 years old

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