"Blackout" in Barbados

Published: Monday, Apr 14, 2008 - 12:00:00 AM
by gop

Barbadians over the pass few years have been left totally in the dark as a result in some cases to total and partial island "blackouts".

These blackouts have been blamed on many factors from generators tripping to a Green Monkey somehow short circuiting the system, but could it be simply that the demand for electrical power in Barbados far exceeds the supply, and is taking a serious toll on the electrical circuitry throughout the island.

What supports this theory which is being postulated here, is the fact that most the power blackouts occur at evenings and at night when demand for power is at its greatest.

Could this great demand for electrical power in the island lead to the abnormally high spates of Barbadian house fires on the island due to power surges which have been plaguing us?

Causes of high electrical demand:

Some probable causes of the great demand of electrical power to the island are due to the fact that Barbadian are more addicted to electrical power in order to power cell phones, washing machines, television, computers, stoves, and lightings in monstrous homes being built, and the list goes on and on.

The demand for electrical power has increased in Barbados with the influx of thousands of other Caribbean nationals, and others from further lands to the island. This uncontrolled immigration has lead to a situation only within recent years that one experiences surges and power blackouts on the island.

Barbadians also in a "blackout" due to the following:

  • why companies on the island are making millions in profits yet downsizing
  • Who and what is responsible for the money wasting within the last 14 years of "governance"?
  • The true cost the revamped ABC highway
  • will a new hospital be built since in order to deal with the demand of immigration?
  • why our churches are behaving like gangs and seeking out territories, and attacking each other instead of coming together and helping each other.
  • why is Barbados quickly becoming a pagan society
  • The list goes on and on, will any light be ever shone on the above?

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