Blogs in Barbados are now part of the media landscape, and rightly so. A Blog, also know as web logs are a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, and descriptions of events.

These instruments of the internet tend to display the importance and the power of this "organism" which is always transforming and growing for the betterment of mankind.

Persons living in Barbados are blessed tremendously where democracy is concerned. Democracy in Barbados is clearly demonstrated in the ability to select, or reject Governments at the polls every five years. It is also demonstrated in the fact that persons are equal before the law; and are able to speak their minds almost without any restraint once on good footing with regards to what is fact.

Pillar of democracy

This democracy, however, has been threatened because one of the seven pillars of the society was buckling at the knees. This pillar being the media, which represent the fourth pillar of democracy.

The seven which are needed to lift democracy includes Education, Government, Religion, Business, The Family, Health, and the Media.

The traditional media *print, radio, and television* which was suppose to act as the watchdog of the society became a bit tame, as it had to rely on handouts in the form of advertising dollars in order to function.

This system therefore had to be challenged because it was at the detriment of good, honest, and investigative reporting for a public who deserves to know the truth on matters affecting it.

The challenge has come in the form of blogs, which tend not to have any large over heads, and are controlled chiefly by one or a few persons, and by extension a public following who contribute varied comments, which can be ridiculed or praised.

Blogs in Barbados are therefore now wearing the suspenders in uplifting the democracy on the island, and one wonders sometimes if owners of these blogs realize what responsibility to the society they hold.

Blogs present a forum where persons can share their ideas, and weed around the issues, allowing the exposure at the root of topical issues.

Three Popular blogs in Barbados which are updated and commented on frequently, include, Barbadosunderground, Barbadosfreepress, and the Bajanreporter. The name of these blogs alone speak for themselves.

Some of these blogs at times tend to remind the traditional media of its responsibilities to the society, and have at times knocked orthodox media, because of it general lack of investigative reporting.

Although blogs have many advantages it can also be a sut lamp. In certain areas it can shed light, but in others it can offer soot if any biased agendas are being pursued.

Long live the Blogs in Barbados!!!