Mia Mottley has been renamed the new Opposition Leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) today after an election was held for a new leader.

The election of an Opposition Leader follows last Thursday's rejection of the BLP party in its bid to form the government after the February 21, 2013 Barbados general elections.

The BLP lost to the Democractic Labour Party (DLP) in a 16-14 defeat, which has seen an election riddled with verbal attacks from candidate from both sides of the fence. It has also been reported that there was also a high incidence of the two political parties purchasing votes.

Miss Mottley's predecessor Owen Arthur did not attend today's election.

The Nation has reported that she won in a 8-5 victory against Mr. Arthur.

The re-installment of the previous leader comes after her rejection in 2010 after she took the leadership role from Mr. Arthur following the 2008 lost at the polls.

According to the Nationnews.com, on 18 October, 2012 Mottley released a statement to the press where she stated that she was informed that a letter was taken to His Excellency the Governor General to have her appointment as Leader of the Opposition revoked at the request of five of my Parliamentary colleagues.

"I am comforted by the story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis when Joseph said that it was meant for evil but the Lord meant it for good", said Mottley in the statement.

The reappointment now comes on the heels of an outcry of the resignation of Mr. Arthur who has now suffered two consecutive losses to the DLP.

The question to be answered at this point is if those members of the party who had rejected her, will again embrace her as leader until the pain of the general election loss dissipates as in 2008.