Barbados Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Mr. Ronald Jones, has called for the removal of "bullies" from public schools when deemed to be such. This call follows a recent episode where a group of secondary school students bullied one of their colleagues into submission. A video of the event was recorded by the group and posted to the internet.

Mr. Jones has asked that there be a zero tolerance outlook on bullying in schools and further stated, "When a country does not respond, and respond sharply to infractions of behaviour, those infractions grow and criminals develop as a result of it. Because those who practice bullying in the intensity that they do now are in fact potential criminals," Jones said.

The minister has submitted that bullying is nothing new, but the extent to which it is occurring is not acceptable. "No one has the right to deprive anyone of self-worth and property" Jones said.

He said suspension might not always work, because after suspension the offending student at times return with the same behaviour and that an educational, custodial institution had to come. The majority who want to learn should not be affected by the minority.

Custodial Institution

A custodian institution would therefore cater to the minority of students who tend to disrupt the schools of Barbados with very little hope of education achievement. These students could therefore attend an institution which could deal with they issues, as such persons themselves usually affected by broken families, with a broken system of values.

The facility can take on a type of boot camp where discipline and moral values can be instilled. The parents and guardians should also have to play a pivotal role in some of the counseling sessions which will be needed for each student.

Many students are not raised in families who are God-fearing and attend any church, the children do not know God and have an understanding that God is there throughout what ever they are going through, and they can always count on him. Such an institution should therefore offer religious counseling, so these students could have a place to turn to after moving on from the custodial institution.