There is no car as reported by Shalom Outreach Ministries International

In April, Dr. Anthony Cummins said he recognized that there is a serious need for a change in the style of giving, relative to the word of God. He added that the Church must change its image as a receiving entity to one of giving and that SOM is leading the way in this respect. - Barbados Advocate

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voice of reason
September 02, 2010 - 11:46

His methodology is akin to bribery & gambling. Pure & simple.

Patrons paying $20 to attend a religious event for a chance to win a car have no one to blame but themselves if no car is forthcoming. It would look like they're duped. Short of a scam.

Even if the car were to magically appear, the above quote from the Advocate is misleading to lukewarm/carnal-minded Christains, an insult to the Word of God and opens the door to unnecessary temptations.

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