Kingdom Restore Ministries

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Kingdom Restore is an international ministry currently based in the island of Barbados, West Indies. Our mission is to bring God's message of reconciliation and restoration to all peoples and systems through marketplace ministry, so that they become a habitation (dwelling place) for God.

Kingdom Restore Ministries was formed in 2002 as a non-profit, family-based organization (ministry) that would function in the marketplace and bring glory and honour to God through marketplace ministry.

Kingdom Restore provides services through:

KR Foundation - Charitable arm through which funds are donated to those who need assistance

KR Strikin' Gold - Seminars, counselling and personal development to help people become self-reliant and restore their dignity. SG Youth provides the same services to youth.

KR Care Giving - Medical care and housing for the young, elderly, abused and neglected

KR Investments - Business and financial projects as well as other ventures that help generate funding for other parts of Kingdom Restore

KR Media & Marketing - Interests in print, radio and TV

KR Arts - Music, dance and theatre that spread God's message of hope, salvation, healing and deliverance. (Under development).


Imperial Optical Building
St. Michael's Row

Telephone: (246) 424-6970
Email: [email protected]

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